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Meister Industries

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Met Consolidated Industries is a business entity that provides high quality equipment and value addition resources to the property development and construction sectors.  We play a key role in the construction industry value chain through our five strategic business units:

Meister Brick and Quarry

A brick and quarry extraction input manufacturer for the Construction industry. We are passionate about what we do. Give us a call to get input support for your next project.

Meister Doors and Frames

A one stop building materials supplier of doors, window frames and shatter doors for any application. We also provide room dividers, tables and chairs for schools as well as built in cupboards. We are right up your street. Give us a call now!

Meister Roofing

We are one of the leading roofing solutions manufacturers and supplier to the roof trusses and roof tiles construction Industry. Give us a call now and we will guarantee a roof over your head.

Meister Tillage services

Meister Tillage services lease tillage equipment to farmers. Because agriculture is the mainstay of our economy, you will always have us by your side from planting to harvesting. We are your all weather friend. Talk to one of our customer representatives today and explore one of the many options available to you.