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Become a Metbank Agent

Get banking services right at your door-step with our convenient Agency Banking product. We simplify your user experience with banking that takes old fashioned brick and mortar out of the equation so you can go direct. Our mobile banking services are just what you need to access our innovative products and user-friendly channels.

Here is our promise to you…

  • Access to banking services for the unbanked masses.
  • More distribution channels and accessible financial services for our customers.
  • Low cost banking services to the poor.
  • Raise the standard of living for the low-income and underprivileged people.

Our Services

  • Account Opening
  • Loan Application services

Metbank is an integrated financial services provider, which means you enjoy access to the same excellent service wherever you choose to access it from.  We have even thrown in a dedicated call center and a network of Agents to give you all the support services you need.

How do I become an agent?

All registered organizations (Corporates, SMEs and Associations), qualify as Metbank Agents. Open a business and/or a sole trader account and complete an Agency agreement form from any of our branches nationwide. Sign up as an Agent or activate your account to access free branding and training assistance at zero cost now.