Purpose of the facility is to provide building materials through approved suppliers to target market on credit: for the development of houses for participating clients; for the renovation of elements of existing houses.

Qualifying Criteria/Requirements

  1. Completed loan application form
  2. Originals and certified copy of Identification particulars valid passport / metal or plastic National Identification particulars / driver’s licence (return the original to the client after confirming the copy is a genuine one)
  3. Passport sized photograph
  4. Proof of income in the form of a recent pay slip
  5. 3 months bank statement from the individual customer
  6. Proof of residence
  7. Invoice of required building materials from the approved supplier
  8. TY30/source of direct deduction in respect of government employees
  9. Letter from the employer confirming permanent employment where applicable. The letter must be accompanied by a Board Resolution authorising the named official(s) to represent the company as authorised signatories
  10. House plan (duly approved by the Municipality)
  11. Bill of Quantities (showing portion of materials being applied for)
  12. Application fee of $10
  13. Deposit of 5% of loan amount upon approval
  14. Proof of stand ownership
  • Currency: USD
  • Tenure - Pilot phase tenor is 24 months
  • Maximum amount - Minimum – $500, Maximum – $4,000
  • Payment methods - Stop orders or direct debits, Cash or RTGS
  • Interest rate - 15% pa
  • Further Proposed Pricing
    • Application Fee: USD10.00 for all product applicants
    • Deposit: 5% of loan amount
    • Management fee: 1% of loan amount
    • Insurance fees: 3.5% of loan amount
    • Ledger fees: USD3.00 per month
    • Agents Commission: 20% of non-funded income


  • The customer will receive a loan in the form of cash, but strictly as building materials. No cash payment will be made directly to a customer
  • The Pack products range between housing solutions within the following construction categories:
    • Foundation
    • Superstructure
    • Roofing
    • External Works
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical, including solar lighting & heating
    • Gas Solutions