With banking customers growing increasingly comfortable with the digital lifestyle, their expectations from financial service providers have undergone a significant transformation. Customers fully understand the power of technology and seek to leverage it to enjoy better control over their banking operations. Foremost on their list of demands is a simpler and efficient means of conducting banking transactions, supported by a unified real time view of their banking relationships.

Faced with these emerging demands, Metbank continues to aggressively explore the means to deploy a significant part of their branch services through the internet. We continue to seek newer avenues to make banking services available anytime, anywhere for the customer.

The increasing security risks have also motivated Metbank to invest significantly in making Internet banking more secure. The security invested in Metbank internet banking will usher a safe online banking platform for our clients.

The present day customer needs an internet banking solution that meets not just their current business requirements but also a solution that is scalable and flexible to meet the changing demands of the corporate customer.

Our Corporate Internet Banking has three types of profiles which can be created for our clients;

1. Viewer Profile

The viewer profile will only be restricted to viewing account balances and statements. This profile cannot initiate any fund transaction online.

2. Initiator Profile

The initiator profile has the privileges of a viewer, and added to that, the Initiator profile can initiate fund transactions e.g. Internal Transfers, RTGS transfer, Bulk Payments amongst others

3. Initiator/ Authorizer Profile

This profile has the privileges of the Viewer and Initiator profiles, and added to that, one can authorize transactions that have been initiated by another user under the same company account name. However, when this profile initiates any transactions, a different user profile with similar rights will have to log in to internet banking and authorize those transactions.With Corporate Internet banking , no one user can initiate and authorize the same transaction. Metbank will create Internet banking profiles whose transaction rights will match the mandate instruction on such corporate accounts held by the bank.

Amongst other transactions, customers can view and print account statements online; check account balances, own account transfers, Metbank internal transfers, RTGS transfers.Another first with Metbank internet banking is Multiple Internal credits, a facility which allows corporates to transfers funds into various Metbank accounts. This will be a favourite product for corporates paying salaries or allowances to employees online.

Clients can order cheque books, bank cheques, request for a Foreign draft, Request for a Telegraphic Transfers online.View loan statements can be done in the comfort of your offices.

Metbank Internet banking also allows clients to view foreign currency rates online.We appreciate that the modern day customer is increasingly mobile and with Metbank Internet banking, clients can also load balances onto their Prepaid Cards issued by Metbank online whenever they travel abroad.

Furthermore, to make your internet banking experience memorable, Metbank Internet banking allows you to customize your on screen welcome message to make your online experience more personalised specifically for you.

You can contact our Electronic Banking Unit on 00263 775 288 754 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.