Origins: Founded in 1999, Metbank has steadily grown into a strong bank with a unique brand personality, respected for its commitment to providing customer-driven services. With branch representation in all of Zimbabwe's major cities, the bank has over the years transformed itself into a more visible and accessible commercial bank focusing on building deeper relationships.

Products and services: The bank provides consumers, small business enterprises, corporate institutions and public sector enterprises with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking, credit, corporate banking, international banking and trade finance; treasury and investment banking services.

Delivery channels: Metbank’s commitment to serve is demonstrated by a nation-wide network of 5 retail branches, and e-service delivery channels, including, among others, ATMs, internet banking and mobile banking solutions, in line with the bank’s focus on a technology-driven and value-added transactional banking model.

Our competencies: Metbank has particular competencies in the arrangement of international lines of credit for its corporate and institutional customers.Our bouquet of retail and wholesale banking products includes: personal accounts, investment, card services, lease finance, personal loans, and mortgage finance.

Our philosophy: Premised on our over-arching “balanced growth” philosophy, Metbank's strategy for the future is to generate long-term profitability and growth, guided by best practice in risk management and responsible banking. Our focus is on value-added services for personal and business customers.

Banking the unbanked: For nearly a decade and a half, Metbank has emerged as a strategic partner to small and medium size enterprises(SMEs), in the area of ideas that create value, advisory services and financial support. The Metbank team is motivated and inspired by the progress that the bank continues to make in bringing the unbanked sectors of the economy into the mainstream banking sector, with full access to an array of relevant banking services.

Our people: Metbank prides itself in its people - well trained, experienced, eager to learn, and obsessed with the desire to serve. There are specialists across the bank’s national branch network who possess an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and cultures of the communities that they serve. On the back of this, Metbank seeks to deliver service excellence derived from its strong human capital base.

Shareholders: Metbank is a subsidiary of Loita Financial Holdings Limited, an investment banking firm with operations in 8 African countries, including Kenya, Mauritius and South Africa, that in July 2007, acquired a significant shareholding in Metbank; marking the beginning of a relationship that has yielded immense value for the bank and its customers in the areas of offshore credit facilities, letters of credit and structured finance. Other major shareholders in Metbank include local pension funds, corporate and institutional investors.

Stronger Together: Because we are stronger together than we can ever be apart, our value added services make our customers stronger, and in turn, the growing support from our customers, make the Metbank franchise even stronger. With the continued support of our equity partners and the high caliber of our staff, the bank is poised to be a key financial player not only in Zimbabwe, but in the region. Together, we contribute to a stronger Zimbabwe.